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Our young, dynamic team accompanies innovative business ideas from start to finish. As the driving force, we jointly develop business models and implement them. Our areas of responsibility include the founding process itself, as well as technical development, design, marketing and sales. With passion and a consumption of 58 energy drinks per week, we work passionately on our projects.

What we do

Our projects

With everygroup we have
developed the first platform
that allows users to create
find groups from the most
messangers to find
or post them themselves.

As a contributor to product development, we developed JuniorJob, Germany’s first app that acts as a job exchange for young people, thereby establishing contact between companies and young adults.

Who we work with

Cooperation partners

With our cooperation partners, we can look back on a large number of projects that have been successfully implemented together.

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AIONETY © 2021. All rights reserved.

AIONETY © 2021. All rights reserved.